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About Us

aboutus-melbourneI must say I do love Melbourne, that’s where I was born and grew up. And if you love the outdoors like I do, Queensland is paradise.

I was blessed to be living and working in Queensland, mainly the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for the last 10 years, which have been my most challenging and life changing.

Nowadays, my time is spent mainly in Melbourne – Queensland my 2nd home!

If I was asked what is the one thing that has flavoured my life I would have to say curiosity.

Curious from a young age, my favourite show was Prof Julius Sumner Miller – Why Is It So?

aboutus-goldcoastI was curious to understand how the body works so I studied Microbiology then I was curious why was there more than one brand of penicillin on the market – Ahh, that’s marketing, so I studied Business Marketing. Putting my medical and marketing skills together, I worked in Sales, Marketing, Business Development at various leading Melbourne Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies.

Curious to “learn what happens on the other side of the world”, I travelled extensively overseas including Europe, Greenland, Egypt, South America, Canada, Thailand and Fiji and learnt “We are all just the same – everyone wants love and connection”, plus there is the magnificent variety and spice of life with different cultures.

I returning to Australia, I moved to Queensland and began Consulting in the Natural Health Industry, researching published scientific articles on herbal medicines, ensuring quality manufacturing, laboratory testing and clinical effectiveness.

aboutus-austradeAs elected President of Queensland Nutraceutical Industry Association (not-for-profit) for over 7 years, I represented the natural health industry nationally and internationally at Conferences and Austrade events. Truth, quality and integrity are important in life and business and I have helped many in my travels, both in Australia and overseas.

I believe there is always a positive solution, there can be a win-win, and adversity and chaos are necessary to drive us toward clarity and harmony. Knowing where to go for information and advice, having someone who will listen and understand difficulties is the first all important step.

I was continually seeking deeper meaning and understanding attending many personal development, natural healing, yoga, meditation, quantum breathing, timeline therapy, NLP, reflexology and reiki workshops.

aboutus-firewalkingAdd fire-walking (without getting burnt feet!), paragliding, husky dog sledding in Greenland to name a few, showing mind over matter and dreams can all come true!

I wanted to share the benefits I had gained in eastern and western cultures so I taught Taoist Self Healing and Meditation classes in Melbourne and the Gold Coast and truly love guiding people to connect deeper within themselves to find joy, meaning and passion.

In 2006, I bought Essential Health Australia Pty Ltd: essential oils to nourish and nurture body and soul. That’s another story in itself how that opportunity came to me! Meditation is a daily routine for me, I love it.

Discipline bringing freedom, an ever growing sense of self and stronger intuition. The power of meditation and the breath are enormous. Being grateful and saying Yes to life opens the door to endless possibilities.

Which has bought me to where I am now with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Microbiology), Graduate Diploma of Marketing, Certificates in Time Line Therapy (including NLP), Hypnotherapist, Rebirth Practitioner, teach Meditation, Self Healing & Leadership, a Natural Health Writer and now a first time Author. Sharing more on my regular blogs… be sure to visit my other websites.

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