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speaker-imgI’d love to be your next Inspirational Speaker to share my knowledge, passion and experiences to inspire, uplift and educate your audience. As an Australian Leader for Inner Stillness, I always included a brief Stillness Meditation at the end ~ a powerful and practical tool for ‘Peace of Mind’ in our hectic daily lives.

Looking for an article or Inspirational Speaker on Mindfulness, Stillness, Meditation, Healing naturally, The Magic of Living guided by your Intuition, Expand your World through Stillness, Reduce Stress ~ Reduce Pain ~ Meditate!, please contact me directly.

I am available for your next community event, school event, business, health expo … as your Inspirational Keynote Speaker

My passion is natural health, living naturally and healing naturally.

As a Scientist (Microbiologist for 13 years) I appreciate how incredible our body is. It is programmed to always return to a state of homeostasis – balance. Any imbalance in the body, mind or emotions will manifest as symptoms – a warning signal that something must change.

Did you know the Chinese symbol for crisis is also the symbol for opportunity to change?

I published my 1st book in 2009 called “How to Overcome Stress Naturally”.
When my publisher said to me “For the forward of your book ask someone who is well known and respected in the field of your topic”.

In the STILLNESS of meditation deep, I asked that question “Who shall I ask?”
The only name that came into my awareness was “HH The Dalai Lama”

I trust my intuition 100% so immediately asked again in the STILLNESS of meditation “How shall I get in contact with HH The Dalai Lama?”

I immediately went into action when I got the answer and wrote to HH The Dalai Lama requesting a forward for my book ~ all the time guided by my intuition (and what to write)
In 6 days I got a reply from HH The Dalai Lama and it was “Yes, with my blessings”

2009 was an incredible year and journey in writing, publishing and distributing my book.
Inspirational and educational, I interviewed 6 experts in Natural Health and 5 people who overcame depression without the use of drugs.

I travel around Australia regularly, currently based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Contact Tracey directly on:

Mob: 0409 879 271
Skype: Trace458

Pre-Book Launch Event 20th May, 2009

QDeck, Levels 77-78, Q1 building,
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Qld


Book Launch & Signing 2nd July, 2009

Toni Carmine Salerno Intuitive artist Gallery
Malvern, Melbourne

Book Launch & Signing 29th August, 2009

Fountainhead Organic Health Retreat
Maleny, Queensland