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Headlice Management


100% Natural Headlice Products

100% Natural Headlice products have been on the market since 1995.
Tracey is passionate about natural health looking after ourselves, our children and our environment.

Back To School ~ Naturally, no chemicals, no alcohol

Would you rather choose a 100% natural product over a chemical product…

  • For your children?
  • For your family?
  • For the environment?
  • I know I do!

Did you know?…

  • Headlice are the most common insect infestation of humans
  • Headlice are small, wingless insects about the size of a sesame seed
  • Headlice are tiny blood sucking parasites
  • Headlice feed by sucking blood from the scalp
  • Headlice stick to the shaft of the hair using their glue-like saliva
  • Headlice do not fly and cannot be caught from animals
  • Headlice spread by direct head to head contact, and sometimes by objects such as pillows, combs, hats when used immediately after use by an infected person

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Kill Headlice Naturally…


  • Does your child or someone you know have headlice?
  • Is there a problem with headlice at your child’s school or pre-school?
  • Nothing I have used so far has eradicated the headlice, will your product work?
  • I don’t want to use pesticides and chemicals on myself or my family. I want a natural headlice product that works!
  • I don’t want a headlice product with alcohol, it stings my child’s scalp!
    We can help you!

The 100% Natural Headlice Solution… No Alcohol & No Added Chemicals

1. 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer Solution (250ml) contains 5 pure essential oils in a Macademia Nut Oil base.

  • Helps loosen nits stuck to hair shaft
  • Macademia Nut oil also conditions & nourishes hair & scalp
  • Kills headlice & Keeps hair soft and sweet smelling

2. 100% Natural Headlice Beater Spray (100ml) contains 5 pure essential oils in a Purified Water base.

  • Prevents Lice Infestation when sprayed daily
  • Over 600 sprays per 100ml bottle
  • Spray hair, neck, around ears and scalp to prevent infestation

3. 100% Natural DUO kit contains 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer, Headlice Beater, Headlice information leaflet and fine fluorescent tooth comb.

  • Includes a fine fluorescent tooth comb to help remove ALL eggs from the hair shaft to prevent hatching and lice re infestation.

I Guarantee 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer & Beater will work.

100% Natural Blitzer & Beater have been available since 1995 growing by word of mouth and many relieved customers and Mum’s!

Back To School ~ Naturally Prevent Headlice!










School Fundraising

Essential Health Australia generously offers schools a great Fundraising price so you can earn money for the school and sell to school Mum’s at a very good price.

The benefit is you can kill and prevent headlice infestation naturally with our 100% Natural Headlice product range.

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Affiliate Offer

“No More Nelly the Nit” is the Headlice Hero! No more Nits with 100% Natural Headlice Blizter & Headlice Beater which have been killing and preventing lice infestation since 1995.

These products have worked for you and you want to share the success of Natural Headlice products that truly kill and prevent the terrible problem of headlice. You want to tell all your friends with children and sell to schools in your area. I will help you!

Sell this 100% Natural Headlice product range to schools, pre-school, kindergarten, whereever kids play together bumping heads which is how headlice get from one head to another.

Significant % of sales for you as an Affiliate.

Your Promotional tools include:

  1. Nelly the Nit .pdf
  2. Pics of 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer, Beater & Duo bottles
  3. Use of Testimonials
  4. Headlice Articles – can be taken from my HeadliceHelp blog
  5. Benefits of 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer & Beater Information Sheet
  6. Promote Key Benefits: No Alcohol & No Added Chemicals
  7. Headlice Diagnosis kit eBooklet as a free offer/gift


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Hear what people have to say after using
100% Natural Headlice Blitzer & Beater!

Thank you so much for returning my email, it was a pleasure talking to you.

I have three boys Christopher is 3, Andrew is 4 1/2 and Michael is 7. When I first found lice on Michael, I was horrified, I decided to check the other two and found some on Andrew’s head, fortunately Christopher had none as he was only 8 months. My husband and I decided to shave the boys hair and then treat them with the recommended products. I then thought that there would have to be a product on the market that would help to prevent them from coming back. We tried a few things that didn’t help (we shaved their heads again – it looks ok on boys it would be very hard if I had a girl to treat ) and then I found your product, 100% Natural Headlice Beater.

We have been using this product for ages, I know it’s been a while as all my children line up to have their hair sprayed every morning Monday to Friday and I even spray their school and kindy caps. We have not had a case of lice since we started to use your product, if I can help to prevent it from reoccurring I will. I don’t need the inconvenience of having to treat all three boys. To this day Christopher has never had a case of lice, he is only three but does love to dress up at kindy. Christopher has beautiful long blonde hair and Andrew and Michael prefer shorter hair, but it’s nice that they don’t have to have shaved heads because of this unfortunate problem.

Once again thanks for a wonderful product, there will always be a few bottles of your Headlice Beater in my cupboard. I thought I would send you a photo.


Grace Bouchaud

Just like to let you know that I have tried a number of products that are on the market for head-lice. Your product is the only one the leaves the hair feeling soft and manageable. My children actually ask me if I can get “the one that doesn’t dry my hair.”

Thanks for a great product

Northern Queensland

I found the diagnosis kit information very informative. It answers all my questions.

M. Neary

Thank you very much for the Diagnosis Kit, it is very informative. The more we know, the better it is to understand and treat head lice.

Everyone should have this book.

Theo Stamatelopoulos

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for developing a product that stops head lice in its tracks. I treated my son’s hair with a lice product and proceeded with the tiresome combing which is required to remove any dead lice.

The next day I discovered that many more eggs had been left attached to his hair and he was itching yet again! I went to the chemist and decided to give your new product a go (100% Natural Headlice Blitzer).

It works, and it only took two nights of leaving the product on Ryan’s hair and shampooing out the next morning – didn’t have to comb out, as the eggs were too small.

I have since been recommending it to any others suffering with the same frustration. I wish you well with the future of this product and would hope that you are able to inform the Education Department of it. Thank you so very much.

Queensland, Australia

I have to say your product all in all over the past 4 weeks has been fabulous. My seven year old daughter Hannah had so many eggs on her hair which I was unable to remove. Hannah’s head lice problem has been going on since pre-school. I used a number of products from the chemist, which I have listed and from hairdressers which was absolutely useless. These products I used religiously and all they did was burn a hole in my pocket.

My youngest son Kyle who is 5 years old had only in the past few months had a head lice problem. I no longer have to worry about this now because your product has solved this. It is the best money can buy. I’m sure if there were other parents out there with the problem of head lice controlling I’m certain they would agree with me if they tried your “100% Natural Headlice Blitzer”. It does control and there’s no other way to explain it.

Thank you so much to help me beat Head Lice in my family.

Queensland, Australia

“I wish to thank you for your great product 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer. My 7 year old daughter has been suffering with headlice for months. After spending nearly $200 on treatments, I have found your product and we couldn’t be happier. It has killed and removed every last louse and egg.

My daughter has not itched in over 3 weeks and I am so happy I will tell anyone who wants to listen what a great product you have. I myself will continue using your products on my daughter’s hair. Once again we thank you.”


I conducted tests with 50 families originally and found that headlice were completely eradicated with chemical-free 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer & Headlice Beater.

These products are made with pure macademia nut oil and pure essential oils. It is important to look regularly for headlice and not rely on itching and scratching to eradicate headlice and beat the headlice breeding cycle.

Debbie, Aromatherapist, Founder