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mɛdɪˈteɪʃ(e)n / noun / focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation “a life of meditation” , contemplation, musing, pondering, reflection, prayer.

Be still. The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
Ram Das

Meditation is the art of allowing the mind to rest.
The mind will rest when emotions are balanced.

Balancing Emotions

*Anger *Frustration *Guilt *Anxiety *Fear
*Sadness *Loneliness *Depression

Everything is Energy – just in different forms.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed – it simply transforms.
Emotions are a normal human experience.
Emotions are a natural trigger to tell us “Something needs to change.”

Honour life experiences as learning opportunities
rather than hardships.

What is the message the emotion is telling you?
What is your lesson?

lamaAnger & Frustration: Take Action. What can you do to move this energy? Ring a friend, take a walk, look for new ways to find a solution.

Guilt (from the Past): What’s done is done. Let Go. Now, what can I do to balance the situation that I feel ‘out of balance’ with?

Anxiety & Fear (in the Future): Breathe Deeply, Come back to NOW – be present in the moment – Right Now. Feel Calm & Still – clear your mind!

Sadness: Take Action to Nurture yourself. Be Kind & Gentle to Yourself. Take time out to express your emotions. Tears cleanse the soul.

When the flow of life seems to “push you back” tap into the wisdom
of your human spirit & inner knowing.

Take 3 Loooong, Sloooow, Deeeep Breaths
Connect with the Stillness, Strength, Love & Wisdom within you

There are many different styles of meditation. Focus on a burning candle, guided meditation to a forest, lake, favourite place, walking meditation, transcendental meditation, breath meditation. Find the style that suits you best, to still the mind and relax.

Stillness Meditation is very powerful. Not only do you still the mind, you will gradually build inner strength and certainty as you expand the STILLNESS WITHIN.
You begin to realise the STILLNESS is all around you, all the time.
Life then becomes a LIVING MEDITATION.

There may be some rough winds in life, You become so anchored to the STILLNESS WITHIN that nothing can rock your inner stability.

Mindfulness/Stillness Meditation with Tracey

Every Tuesday: Helensvale Community Cultural Centre (within Library)

62 Sir John Overall Drive, Helensvale ~ Downstairs Rm 2
10.30am – 11.30am
$10 per session

Mindfulness is the art of observing what is happening in the moment. Observing your body, your thoughts, sounds, feelings, simply observing with no judgement.

When you are the observer / mindful / aware, you will find yourself at a place of STILLNESS WITHIN. From the STILLNESS you observe, without judgement.

Every Tuesday I am at Helensvale Community Cultural Centre to guide you to EXPAND the STILLNESS WITHIN.

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Pain
  • Improve Health & Wellbeing
  • Strengthen your Intuition

“I have been Meditating daily for over 23 years. I love the STILLNESS WITHIN and STILLNESS all around me that expands with each breath I take”

Tracey Stranger ~ Australian Leader for Inner Stillness, Hypnotherapist, Author

If you have any questions, please call me directly on Mob: 0409 879 271

One-Minute Meditations



Give me 60 seconds and I’ll give you INNER STILLNESS & Peace of Mind

Over 30 free One-Minute Meditations to start your day on my
One-Minute Meditation App

dolphineExpand your inner world of Stillness, Strength and Serenity.

The journey begins with just ONE MINUTE, then another minute, another minute and another minute. Before you realise, time has warped and you are in a timeless zone of inner peace and stillness.

Prompted by the glorious sound of Tibetan Bells to start and end your Meditation.
I will guide you with powerful deepening and relaxing words.

Naturally, on the APP, you have the option to register and delve into a full 20 minutes of INNER STILLNESS Meditations

The Art of Breathing

Quality breathing helps supply the body with more oxygen which helps us to achieve a much better quality of life and our health will improve dramatically especially the immune system.

The more oxygen we supply the body the greater our energy becomes and the more focussed our mind will be.
Kawena’s The Art of Breathing Made Easy CD

Introduction (3:34)
Breathing Exercises (9:59)
Peace & Calm Meditation (8:13)
Manifesting & Spiritual Connection Meditation (28:44)
Your investment: A$25.00

Meditation Made Easy

CD Contents:
Mini Meditation
Full Meditation

Meditation can help in all areas of your life; from reducing stress and tension to becoming more creative and aware.

These meditations are designed for both beginners and advanced. They combine eastern and western techniques to bring you an easy, enjoyable and empowering way to reconnect with yourself.

Children’s Bedtime Stories CD

Is your child having trouble sleeping?

This beautiful Teddy Bear bedtime story with butterflies and rainbows will truly enchant you child and have an amazing impact on them.

Bedtime and sleeping comes easily for your child and for you, knowing your child is sleeping soundly with the image of Teddy Bears, rainbows and butterflies.

Suitable for 4 yrs upwards in the style of storytelling so children can learn to visualise and use their imagination. This bedtime story can come to life if they have a teddy to cuddle. They also begin to learn the healing chakra colours.

What other’s have said:

“I brought Kawena’s Children’s CDs for my twin boys and they were outstanding as a matter of fact they had an immediate positive impact on their sleeping and behaviour just after one night of listening to them, I highly recommend them to any parent that wants to have a positive impact on their children”

Darren J Stephens, Entrepreneur, Author, Father of 6 children


Sound Healing CD’s

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Dian Booth’s Sound Healing Cd’s

You will be taken on a transformational healing journey when you listen to Dian’s spontaneously created sound healing CD’s.