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100% Natural Headlice Beater – 100ml


Kills Headlice

Contents: Purified water, Castor oil, Pure Essential Oils of Thymus vulgaris herb, Eucalyptus globulus twig leafy, rosmarinus officinalis herb top, Melaleuca alternifolia twig leafy, Lavendula angustifolia herb top.


Work against lice infestation from happening in the first place – with Essential Health Australia’s Natural Headlice Beater.

* Prevents lice infestation.
* Daily use recommended.
* Spray hair, neck, around ears & caps.
* Over 600 sprays per 100ml bottle.
* Keeps hair soft and sweet smelling.
* 100% derived from nature.
* Not tested on animals.
* Proudly Australian made.

Hold the spray about 20cms away from hair and apply 5-10ml evenly. Use before coming into contact with potential lice carriers. Can be sprayed onto hair, collars, hairbands, accessories and inside caps or hats. Regular use can prevent infestation.

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