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The Music of Sunset


Violin: Dian Booth
Keyboard: Robert J. Boyd




Dian Booth

A concert Violinist and Sound Healer, Dian began her professional career aged 19 as a violinist in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. In the late 60’s she moved to London where she was leader and soloist with the Royal Ballet Orchestra, Covent Garden, and leader of the Adelphi String Quartet. Still in London in 1980, she discovered she had a talent for healing with sound and colour, and she has been developing this field ever since.

Robert J. Boyd

Robert has been part of the Western Australian music scene for many years as a keyboardist specialising in organ and electronic keyboards. From an early age, Robert became interested in the therapeutic qualities of music and sound and in the late 50’s he realised that audible sound could be used as a healing tool in a variety of applications with beneficial results.


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