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Unlocking The Secrets To Longevity By Sonia Crystella


In this book, you will learn ways that keep your cells healthy and slow down the rate at which you age

  • How much of the ageing process is genetic, and what percentage do we have the ability to change
  • Extending the life expectancy while remaining healthy
  • Super foods that stall the ravages of aging
  • How your thoughts affect your cells ability to rejuvenate
  • The best way to clear out the toxins easily
  • Sugar and why it ages you
  • Telomeres and the Epigenome effect
  • Science and metaphysics melded
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Ageing and health concerns are escalating faster than ever before.

Learn the secrets to Longevity, a book written by Sonia Crystella, a women who succeeded in healing a very sick body while slowing the ageing clock, all through Epigenetics.

SONIA CRYSTELLA was born sick and spent many years struggling to remain well; with the odds stacked against her, she not only healed herself, but also slowed down the ageing process. Today, at fifty-nine, she is a picture of health, having acquired knowledge over a thirty-seven year period, that science is now acknowledging as the answers to many of our aging and health issues. Sonia shares her secrets and knowledge with you.


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