Geranium - Rose Oil 12ml
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Botanical Name : Pelargonium Graveolens
Part of Plant : Leaves
Extraction Method : Steam Distilled

Rose Geranium Oil ~ Keeps skin supple, improves the complexion. Great for hormonal, P.M.T. and menopausal problems. Gives balance to the mind. Keeps infection at bay, has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, helping the body dispose of waste.

Body: add 5 drops to 25ml of Base Oil.
Bath: use as for body rub, relax in a warm bath for 15 minutes.
Oil Burner: add 5 drops to a burner dish filled with wate, or electric burner.

Contents: 100% Pure Geranium - Rose Essential Oil

Ailments that this product helps: Acne, Bruises, Cracked / Dry Skin, Dandruff, Dry Skin, Emotions, Balancing, Endometriosis, Exhaustion - Physical, Fluid Retention, Haemorrhoids, Hay Fever, Menopause - Hot Flushes, Menstruation - Heavy Loss, Menstruation - Irregular, Mood Swings, Nervous Tension, Pre Menstrual Syndrome - Nerves and Mood Swings, Skin Care - Normal Skin, Skin Conditions - Acne / Pimples, Skin Conditions - All Skin Types, Skin Conditions - Antiseptic, Skin Conditions - Astringent, Skin Conditions - Balancer, Skin Conditions - Deodorant, Skin Conditions - Emollient, Skin Conditions - Puffiness, Skin Conditions - Scars, Stress, Tension.

Weight: 45 g