100% Natural Headlice Blitzer 250ml
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100% Natural Headlice Blitzer 250ml
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Now you don't have to resort to chemical headlice products to fight lice problems.
Introducing the natural alternative - Essential Health Australia's 100% Natural Headlice Blitzer
* Quick and easy to apply.
* Conditions and nourishes hair and scalp.
* Keeps hair soft and sweet smelling.
* Suitable for the most delicate skins.
* Makes it easy to comb out eggs.
* Keeps up the fight against lice when applied twice weekly.
* 100% derived from nature.
* Not tested on animals.
* Proudly Australian made.

Massage 10-20ml well into dry hair, making sure you cover the scalp and all of the hair. Finecomb hair throughly to remove any eggs. Leave on overnight (We suggest you cover your pillow with a towel or cloth.) Finecomb again in the morning, then wash as normal. Finecomb again afterwards. Repeat this again that night to make sure all eggs are completely removed.

When used regularly, Essential Health Australia's 100% Natural Headlice Beater fights against reinfestation. It is highly recommended that you wash all clothing, bedding, soft toys and hats that have come into contact with the hair, at the same time.

Contents: Macadamia Nut oil, Pure Essential Oils of Thymus vulgaris herb, Eucalyptus globulus twig leafy, Rosmarinus officinalis herb top, Melaleuca alternifolia twig leafy and Lavendula angustifolia herb top.

Weight: 265 g